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Bengala Mud-Dye Scarf

Bengala Mud-Dye Scarf

Let’s have fun with your creativity and make a “one-of-a-kind” scarf. Bengala dyes are a natural Japanese dye made from soil that is ‘environmentally safe’ and fun to use.  Learn about the history and cultural significance of this unique dye form. The instructor will bring a variety of tools for your creativity. You can fold, put rubber bands, clamps, design your scarf! Then, you can choose as many colors you like from a dozen Bengala Dyes. You won’t be able to imagine what kind of pattern you are creating when you are preparing the material. That's the fun part of this class! The instructor will prepare some cotton scarves for you to choose from to make a unique design. Because the dyes contain latex, this class is not a good fit for someone with latex allergies.

Participants may want to bring an old towel that is okay to get dye on it for wiping your hands during class, along with a plastic bag or two to take your projects home.

Space is limited, registration is required.

Saturday, December 11, 2021
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Margaret Rivers A&B
Stillwater Public Library
  Adults     Adults 55+  
  Crafts and Hobbies     Lifelong Learning  
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About the instructor: Chiaki O’Brien is a SAORI Leader Committee Certificate recipient. She worked as an instructor for the SAORI head office in Japan before moving to Minnesota in 2004. She’s an artist-in-residence at schools, as well as teaching at Shepherd’s Harvest (MN) and other fiber related festivals in the Midwest. In 2012, she was awarded a Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grant, allowing her to study “Bengala Dyeing” in Japan, and she now teaches this natural soil dye process as well. SAORI weaving taught her the way to create by following her heart. Her teaching goal:  to convey the “Joy of Exploration” to students in her classes. Chiaki operates Studio FUN from her home in Bloomington, MN. Website: