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Meet the Artists: Charlotte Schuld & Trudi Schaefer

Meet the Artists: Charlotte Schuld & Trudi Schaefer

Join us for a reception to celebrate artist Charlotte Schuld's show a "A Brush with Nature" and artist Trudi Schaefer's show"The Smallest Show on Earth", which are on display in the library gallery May-June 2024.  


A Brush with Nature

Growing up in the middle of North Dakota and the daughter of farmers the land was open, large, and full of big skies.  The flow of seasons brought unique colors and cloud patterns, and it was a smart idea to pay attention to the details of nature and weather patterns.  Moving to Minnesota in my early 20’s opened my eyes to the joy of forested lands, thousands of lakes and big rivers. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the US and internationally, enjoying both the commonality of nature as well as the unique shapes, lines, textures and colors that can be found sometimes, only “there”.

I paint landscapes that intrigue me and make me want to shout “look at that!”—with a goal to recreate and share the experience of that place. Painting in a large format invites the viewer to visually and mentally step into them, stay awhile and absorb the details nature provides.  Using my brushes I work to capture not only the essence of the place—but also the beauty that we have been gifted with on this planet.

Several years ago I discovered the word “Coddiwomple” (v), to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination”.   I invite you all to pause and travel with me!

Finally, and so importantly,  I hope my work inspires an increased appreciation of our earth; a desire to protect it; and a call to action to participate in some way to preserve it for future generations. Think green!

The Smallest Show on Earth

I began looking into circus pieces a few years ago. Circuses can be bizarre but they also include fascinating people with unbelievable skills and history. Some of my pieces are small, the size of a sardine can. They are always colorful and often light-hearted. I have also included some pieces about women throughout the history of the circus. Women who I have found to have remarkable talents and courage. I wanted to honor them and their combined spirit.

Most of my circus was created during the pandemic. My intention was to give people something colorful and amusing to brighten their day. I decided that I wouldn't sell the individual pieces but instead I put the circus "on the road". I seek out galleries, public libraries, and hospitals that have suitable display cases and thereby ensure that many, many people will get to enjoy the show.

Thursday, May 16, 2024
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Stillwater Public Library
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About the Artist: Charlotte Schuld

Image by Beverly VanDell

I was born and raised in North Dakota and migrated to Minnesota after graduation from Dickinson State University with a double major in Visual Arts and Vocal Music.  These two States alone prepared me to appreciate landscapes with their distinct biome varieties.  My work has evolved into a constant notice and appreciation of landlines, textures, and the natural patterns and colors of earth, water and sky.

My early works were predominantly watercolors which evolved into a mixed media approach that now includes color pencils, gouache, inks and pastels with many different techniques-whatever is needed to capture each different scene.

More recently I have spent the majority of my time painting with acrylic on canvas.  The image is started with pastel to lay down the design foundation and completed with many layers of washes and glazes. My work has been described as “walking a fine line between Realism and Impressionism” and I find I like and agree with that. The fun is deciding what to leave as just an impression or hint and where to tighten into realistic detailed work.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the U.S. and Europe where both the differences and similarities in landscapes have become a passion of mine to explore and express in paint. I sketch as much as I can and photograph extensively.  Back home in my studio I then start the process of refining sketches and doing initial watercolors to explore the composition and color choices. Armed with these preparations and studies I move on to create the landscapes shown here. We only have one Earth. This is my way of celebrating and honoring it.